Location and distribution — Tropical Rainforests

Rainforests are very damp, moist and dense forest that are a home to millions beautiful plants and animals.Rainforests are immensely crucial in the ecology of the mother Earth. The plants of the rainforest produce a large amount of the Earth’s oxygen. The rainforest consists of several layers including emergent layer, canopy layer, understory, and the […]

Location and distribution — Tropical Rainforests

Published by SAMUEL N NGARI

I have a strong background in marine ecology & fisheries conservation. I have gained research experience from tropical marine ecosystems with keen focus on creeks. Particularly am interested in applied approaches with biodiversity survey techniques. My area of focus in sustainable Coastal and marine resource management includes but not limited to: # Environmental Impact Assessments & Strategic Environmental assessments #Keystone species and ecosystem engineers #Degraded lands restoration #Climate change (sea level rise and Ocean acidification) # habitats distance & Fishery pressures.

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