New Anthias Species — In His Image

Many of you know I am something of a tropical fish enthusiast. And indeed, I doubt any of you can blame me considering the wondrous beauty and grandeur many of these species display. Recently a new species of Anthias was discovered off the coast of Brazil. I thought I would use the newly found species […]Continue reading “New Anthias Species — In His Image”

Gianni Rodari – The Young Prawn — ΕfiSoul63

One day… A young prawn though: – ‘Why in my family all the people walk in reverse? I want to learn how to walk straight forward, just like frogs… and my tail shall fall if I do not succeed!’ – He started to train secretly, amongst the rocks of the native river, and in the […]Continue reading “Gianni Rodari – The Young Prawn — ΕfiSoul63”


Black sheep inn is a non-consumptive private ecotourism enterprise that is operated by the community. The owners; Andres and Michelle, do property maintenance and community work. The inn is a sustainable nature based enterprise since its objectives are geared towards satisfying the present generation needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.Continue reading “BLACK SHEEP INN”